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2/14/2016 – Plans updated to increase Z travel from 4 to 6 inches to allow for some flexibility in router placement and bit lengths.

This site is a work in progress…

But if you are looking for the BootstrapCNC Router Plans you in the right place.

The plans are for making a 2×2 CNC Router with either a moving table or flying gantry design, the flying gantry design could be easily extended to longer lengths.

Current Version (V1.2)

The design goals were for a machine that is inexpensive, easy to build with basic wood working tools, and solid enough to be considered decent, I think it meets these goals. This machine should be able to handle most wood and plastics, I have not tried any metal work but I have seen similar machines do light aluminum work.

Unique features of this design:

  • Common gantry design for moving table and flying gantry style machines
  • Adjustable rail separation for rail alignment/bearing tension
  • Self aligning lead nut assemblies

The plan is to add build instructions at some point, but for now all I can offer is photos of the 2 builds I have done while developing the plans.

Moving Table Build
Flying Gantry Build

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